Natural health

Take a break in a cocoon of sweetness and well-being… You have just landed in the Zenith Village, the zen space of the Creative Talent Village.

Here, about thirty therapists invite you to take care of your body and mind, and accompany you in your steps.


- Feeling anxious? Tired? Depressed?

- Have mood disorders? (Impulsivity, anger)

"Are you in a burn-out?"

"You don’t find meaning in your life?"

"Do you want to quit smoking?"

"Do you have marital problems?"

- Do you have an addiction? An eating disorder?

- Are you pregnant and want to prepare for your baby’s arrival?

- Looking for alternative ways to heal yourself?

You’ve come to the right place: There has to be a practitioner to help you!

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Did you Know it ?

A vegetated Zen terrace awaits you, a small corner of paradise, away from glances, noise and daily hassle.

The village of the zenith

Le Village des zénitudes brings together all the well-being specialists: Psychologist, personal development coach, chiropractor, magnetizer, apitherapist, fasciathérapeute, reflexologist, masseur, etc.

All these therapists are convinced that the alternative medicine (also called alternative) they practice is complementary to traditional medicine. They offer to help you find solutions and care that will relieve you and last 1 hour, 1 month or all your life. They possess all the qualities of listening, understanding, benevolence, love, and appeasement that you can expect from them.

Dare, jump, do not be afraid, and (re)take control of your life, accompanied by the practitioner who suits you! All therapists welcome you on the appointment in the village of zenitudes.