Artists and craftspeople

Local creations

In France, it is estimated that about 330 million tons of waste are generated each year. In our society, garbage keeps growing. They cause air pollution, pollution of the soil but also water. Recycling has become the cornerstone of environmental protection. And artists see it as a great source of inspiration.

At the Creative Talents Village, they present their creations around this theme.

Three universes are worked

– Wood / metal / glass: Wooden toys, kitchen utensils, trinkets, furniture, decorative objects, design objects, lighting, etc.

– Ceramics: Crockery, vases, decorative objects, luminaires, etc.

– Paper / textile: Stationery, notebook, jewelry, fabric work (scarf, clothing, handbag, pouch, cushion)…

Each universe has an exhibition space for works. But also a space dedicated to creation.


It is the place where regional artists and artisans present their creations. Visitors can stroll among the exhibitors. But also admire lighting fixtures, everyday objects (cooking utensils, dishes, stationery) mainly from recycled products. The space is also suitable for exchange between artists and visitors. Indeed, it is an inspiring space. It will awaken the curiosity and creativity of all those who visit the Creative Talents Village.


Visitors can observe the artisans at work, the artists in full creation. Work table, storage, decoration … everything is visible from the visitors. Each artist/craftsman can show what he surrounds himself to work, to create.

It is a true cultural place that develops conviviality, opens the mind and multiplies the inspiration.