Located in a 4.5 hectares forest, the Green Village is located 3 km away from the Village of the Creative Talents. A place of awareness, the Green Village is a place of interaction, based on therapeutics and permaculture.

This space will open soon!

So what will we find exactly in the Green Village ?

1- Permaculture: it’s developing cultures, creating its production, creating self-sufficient, environmentally friendly and living beings respectful places of life, going from local scale to then show off the diversity of a place.


2- An educational farm: in the school setting, kids are welcomed, with an educational goal, in a farm where animals are raised and plants are cultivated.


3- Specific spaces for reconnection practices with therapists and well-being professionals: mediation, yoga, sylvotherapy (hugging a tree), acupuncture, magnetism, apitherapy, sonotherapy, massages,etc.


Specific spaces for internships, animations, courses are provided to all entrepreneurs for their workshops, meetings or outdoor courses.


The Green Village is an authentic place with positive impact, where each person can revitalize themselves in a dedicated area for relaxation.

Why this Green Village?

Beyond commiting for the region, and for France, we have it at heart to commit for the planet. This is why we are developing this initiative in a “green” space, which will allow us to take action, at our scale, for the planète. We have several goals:


– Fight against climate change: preserving the forest which emits oxygen and absorbs carbon.


– Preserving the local ecosystem: we want to align with the natural heritage and the biodiversity.


– Supporting the local economy: we encourage local distribution networks, we employ people from the local community and pay them at the right price. Our pricing policies are reasonable and transparent.


– To take action on social inclusion: we want to create bonding, be actors of the social and united economy (ESS), and spread awareness on this matter to all stakeholders.


– To support new economical and sustainable models: new models have to appear. They must have values such as cohesion, conviviality, interaction, curiosity, unity and sharing!


Convinced of the necessity to create new economical and sustainable models, the Green Village wants to complement the Village of creative Talents: a project located in urban and industrialized areas, completed by a project in a natural area.