The Village - The concept

Discover the concept of the creative village!

Globalization, consumption, hyperconnected society… the world is changing. Everything goes faster, the products and services multiply, our everyday objects become obsolete in a few weeks. People spend more time on their smartphones and less time talking to each other “in real life”. Moreover, the immediacy that the internet offers is difficult competition for local creators and the shopkeepers of our neighbourhood.
But there are other ways to produce, consume. We can change our relationship to objects and services. It’s THE concept of the Village.

Our Story

Notre manifeste ?

Consuming, yes, but not at any price!

Consuming, yes, but not anything!

Consuming, yes, but not anyhow!


We have discovered that thousands of people share the love for sustainable products and well done services. That general interest and respect of the environment can be synonymous with enrichment.


Therefore, we have created the Village of Creative Talents. A space that united those who share those values. We imagined it by being a source of inspiration. A place that shows that it’s possible to live in harmony with convictions, step by step. A place that favours local creation.


This unique space, dedicated to French “savoir-faire”, revolutionizes traditional shopping centres. It stands out from its industrial environment.


We are proud to offer you this unique concept. But also the services and products produced in France, often organic, recycled and part of short production lines.


Our Village of 2 900 m2 welcomes you at Puget-sur Argens (83), close to Fréjus. It is located in a park of 4 000 m2 and built with environment-friendly and sustainable material when possible: maritime containers recycling, bio-based material (wood, wood fiber, work, etc.).


Moreover, we are happy that here, in the Village of the Creative Talents, the circular economy is privileged: the handmade and french “savoir-faire” mixes with organic nutrition and a zen space.

Our charter

A charter for the committed Village of Creative Talents

By signing this charter, we, villagers, commit to collectively be more responsible in our actions. We commit to make the Village of creative talents a respectful and enjoyable place for our clients visitors as all the villagers.

Environment protection and social equity

1 – I participate to the decrease of the ecological footprint of the village :

  •  I decrease, I recycle, I limit wasting and revalue my garbage,
  •  I adjust my energetic consumption and adopt eco-friendly actions,
  • I fight against overwrapping and plastic garbage,
  • I prioritize recycling and recovery,
  • I buy responsibly by prioritizing the use of reasoned, in season, organic, reusable and recyclable products.


2 – I preserve natural resources by limiting all forms of environmental, sound, light, and olfactory pollution.


3 – When possible, I support and galvanise local initiatives including the one from the Village of Creative Talents, local distribution networks, fair trade, circular, social and united economy.

Living in community

4 – I park outside of the Village to leave the best places for our client visitors.


5 – When possible, I manage trips sustainably: carpool, eco-friendly travelling, pooling of deliveries, etc..


6 – I work on making the Village a place of diversity, well-being, collaboration and a sharing of experiences.


7 – I join the association of villagers in order to participate in the event planning of the Village of Creative Minds. Within this association I am source of proposals and part of possible actions so that the VDTC is part of a continuous improvement approach.

Governance and communication

8 – I am transparent in my approaches and my ethics and I spread awareness on sustainable development and consum’action: to do so, I adopt a responsable communication, non violent non moralistic.


9 – I consult all stakeholders before I make a decision.


10 – I represent the image of VDTC and I answer its values, I am an example.

Our commitments

The Village of creative brains respects the principles of sustainable development through 3 strong commitments


Environmental quality

– To guarantee an entirely eco-friendly project, we apply recycling in the Village. Moreover, we spread awareness to all visitors to this habit, by teaching them to value their garbage.


– To go further in the managing of the garbage and to offer recurring actions, we have established a partnership with the Communauté d’Agglomération Var-Estérel-Méditerranée (CAVEM) and the Syndicat Mixte du Développement Durable de l’Est-Var for the treatment and promotion of household garbage (SMIDDEV).


– For the construction of the Village, when possible we have used sustainable, recycled, bio-based or natural construction materials.


– The food service offered on site are organic, reasoned and/or local: organic agriculture protects the soil, the water and preserves from erosion!


– If the products offered are not organic, we assure they are local, and we prioritize local distribution networks (to limit the distance crossed by the food).


– In the Village, we favour the plantation of endemic plant species, in order to maintain the ecosystem local, to implement environmental corridors and contribute to the restoration of the networks between the different environments.


– We have arranged a plant-covered roof on one of the structures, with a recuperation system of the rainwater: this allows a natural thermal and phonic insulation, an additional plant-covered space, a CO2 storage, the development of biodiversity, a better drainage of the rainwater, and much more.


Social equity and governance

– We care to be implicated on the territory in all transparency, beside all stakeholders of the project.

This is why we work towards a coherent production and distribution line. The local distribution network is a mediator between the producer and the consumer.

We are convinced that it’s a model that has to be developed in our production and consumption methods.


– Creative workshops, debates, conferences, courses… We offer many intergenerational actions, for each generation to be fulfilled in a society in perpetual evolution, to integrate and not to feel excluded through contact with other generations.

Our goal is to create solidarity and cohesion between the different generations.


– We want to highlight crafts and French “savoir-faire”: in an international and ultra-competitive context, the emblematic “made in France” of our culture is a major asset. An asset of which we should be conscious and proud of, because it is beneficial for the whole territory.


– We participate in the “Économie sociale et solidaire” (ESS) thanks to economic projects in the service of social utility. We count on a democratic governance and a dynamic of development, founded on territorial integration and civic mobility. The social and united economy aims to favour optimal management of all ressources: human, natural and financial.


Economical efficacy

– The economical efficacy aims to produce goods of consumer goods and to distribute the resources of this production equally and sustainably. With the worry of the environment protection and the renewal of the consummated resources, along with the protection of the men and women working there.


– Thereby, we commit to ensure a healthy and sustainable management of the Village, without prejudice for the general et environmental interest. Our economical model is viable, ethical and duplicable, particularly because we chose to invest on the local economical fabric.


– The villagers pay the producers at the right price thanks to the promotion of local distribution networks, which limits the number of mediators to a maximum. They can therefore save up on the whole distribution line and increase their margin thanks to a direct pay.


– We also participate to the reinforcement of the relationship between the producers and consumers:


  • Producers side : they always answer the needs of proximity and authenticity of the consumers.
  • Consumers’ side : they desire authentic products , in season, local, with better traceability and transparency.


– We allow for each one of them to give meaning to their purchase. That is by supporting the French companies, the consumer participates in the maintenance of employment in the Hexagone, all while preserving local savoir-faire and crafts.

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