Repair café

Collaboratif DIY

Here, by appointment, a team of big-hearted handymen volunteers fix broken or damaged objects with you!


Welcome to the Repair Café of the Village

A nice space, tools and equipment are offered to passionate repairers who have various skills in repairs. Together, you will try to give a second life to your objects in poor condition.


There is no guarantee of success but to have a good time, to learn something new and to go back knowing how to do something with your fingers.


You can bring:

– small household electric goods

– lights

– small furniture items


– The repairs are performed for free by expert volunteers. A discrete contribution is still appreciated by the repairers.


– The visitors perform, as much as they can, repairs themselves, with the help of present repairers.


– The repairs being performed by volunteers, guarantees and civil responsibility are limited. Neither the Village nor the repairers can be held responsible for any caused damages of the objects or other caused by the activities of the Repair Café.


– The visitors who bring objects to repair do it at their own risk.


– The new equipment used and the new items have to be paid separately, with the explicit permission of the visitor.


– The repairers do not give any guarantee on the repairs performed with their help and are not responsible for bad functioning of repaired objects.


– The repairers are allowed to refuse repairing certain objects and are not obliged to reassemble disassembled devices that can’t be repaired.